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Flag football is a year round sport that allows young children the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of America's favorite game, football, in a non-contact setting (no pass rushing will be allowed).

Flag Football allows parents to feel safe knowing that their kids are learning the technique and skill of football in a safe environment. Multiple skills will be taught during their time with NFL ATOWN FLAG. They will learn to catch, run routes, back pedal, and much more. 

General Liability insurance is required of all leagues participating in the NFL FLAG Powered by USA Football program. This coverage is required by USA Football and the NFL. Proper certificates of insurance must be provided to complete the team registration process.

Mission Statement

NFL ATOWN FLAG FOOTBALL, by Evan Hicks, is a program that is a part of NFL Play 60. NFL Play 60 encourages youth to participate in 60 minutes of physical activity everyday. Through this league, players will learn responsibility, communication and sportsmanship, while learning the fundamentals of football through non-contact activity. Thank you for being a part of our league.

About Us

​I am pleased to introduce a wonderful NFL Flag Football to the central coast. NFL ATOWN Flag Football, by Evan Hicks, is a program through NFL Play 60. Our league provides co-ed opportunities for children ages 5 -14 to learn and enjoy one of America's most beloved sports - Football. Players will benefit by being physically active through non-contact, continuous activity while learning the fundamentals of football, lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship. These lessons are gifts that will benefit the children enrolled throughout their lives. I started this league to promote community outreach within Atascadero and to give back to this community which had played a major role in my life. I was a product of youth football in the Atascadero and as a result of the skills I was taught, and the commitment by my coaches it propelled me into my life and career. I love football, this community and helping young people grow and achieve successes in their own lives. Our mission at NFL Flag Football by Evan Hicks is to provide the best youth flag football experience possible. We are committed to providing our children with a fun, positive, professional environment where your young athlete can learn, develop and enhance their football skills in a friendly competitive atmosphere.